How Can Data Rebuild Cities?

I was in San Francisco to participate in The Atlantic’s City Makers summit, a forum to address how technological innovations can mitigate issues of poverty, inequality and workforce development. A number of mayors, in town for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, joined us. As these local leaders know well, cities have become the center of our most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.  But cities have also become centers of innovation where partisanship is put aside and mayors and other leaders come together to confront these challenges and build consensus around creative, practical solutions.

And cities are coming up with new ways of working across the public and the private sectors, because the old models just don’t work anymore. Governments are operating with far fewer resources at a time when cities are facing far bigger challenges.

See how J.P. Morgan Chase uses data to generate career pathways for training new middle-skill workers here.