Preparing the Next Generation of Manufacturers through Community Colleges

On July 9, Governance Studies at Brookings hosted a half-day conference focused on the growing partnerships between community colleges and the manufacturing sector. Panels focused on the future of workforce development and the role of community colleges in the training of manufacturing workers. How are community colleges working to prepare the next generation of innovators in the manufacturing space and ready young adults to enter the workforce?

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Debunking Myths about Manufacturing Jobs


Manufacturing jobs have a reputation—and it’s often not complimentary.

The clichéd image of a manufacturing job is of dirty, backbreaking, low-paying labor. And women need not apply—it’s an industry dominated by men. But separating fact from fiction about the actual people behind the welder’s mask and on the assembly line can be tricky.

One of the above statements is true, but only one. Do you know which?

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Manufacturing Growth Limited by Lack of Workers


Many of the region’s manufacturers and workforce training programs recently joined forces to get out the message that they have jobs to fill — for applicants with the right skills.

“The crisis right now is not having the people to fill the manufacturing jobs that we have,” says Ken Madden, vice-president of sales and marketing for employment agency Madden Industrial Craftsmen. “Manufacturers are adjusting their production based on those shortages,” he says, “that’s not good for manufacturers or the state.”

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