Analysis by Education Commission of the States on state legislation on CTE

An April 2014 Report by Education Commission of the States found that “CTE and workforce development remain top priorities in 2014”.    The report found that the state policy trends included:

  • “Formalizing ways for business and industry to inform CTE offerings. In Indiana, regional councils were created to evaluate CTE offerings at area high schools and to develop alternative curricula if necessary. Other state examples include Alabama, Florida and North Carolina.
  • Blending high school and postsecondary learning opportunities. Examples include Louisiana, where teams of K-12, community college and industry leaders will create courses and work experiences leading to statewide credentials for in-demand jobs.
  • Incentivizing completion of industry certifications and credentials. In Kansas, school districts earn $1,000 for every graduate completing a credential on a state list of in-demand jobs. Other state examples include Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Expanding opportunities for internships and apprenticeships. Leveraging a state investment of $11 million, with matching private funds, Ohio is offering almost 2,500 students at public four-year institutions, community colleges and technical centers new or expanded opportunities to participate in internships and co-op programs.”

See Press Release and Report by Education Commission of the States

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