Career Ready Act of 2015 introduced by Senators Portman, Kaine, and Baldwin

US. Senator’s Kaine, Portman, and Baldwin have introduced S. 478, the Career Ready Act of 2015.

The Career Ready Act would:

  • Encourage states to emphasize the importance of career readiness by reporting on the opportunities they offer, such as work-based learning and postsecondary credentials, to help ensure students can compete for good paying jobs
  • Help schools align career exploration course offerings and counseling to the workforce needs of the local community and coordinate with the requirements of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act and the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act
  • Allow states to utilize multiple indicators of career readiness when they report data to the federal government, such as attainment of recognized postsecondary credentials or academic and technical skills including industry-recognized certificates, certifications, licenses, and postsecondary degrees
  • Strengthen the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling grant program in current law by
    • Placing an emphasis on career guidance
    • Providing professional development to school counselors by training them to use labor market information that educates students on postsecondary opportunities.
    • Building partnerships with community groups such as local workforce investment boards, businesses, industries, and regional economic development agencies

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